Businesses aren't things. They're people...who buy stuff.

The trick, though, is these people don’t (or can’t) always act alone, they’re often a part of a group. In this group are different buyers- the emotional buyer, the pragmatic buyer, the economic buyer.

Understanding how each one approaches their decision point is the key to crafting your story and value proposition so you connect with each one.

Though one, usually the economic buyer, might have the ultimate decision-making authority, you need to move them all along the path to purchase. You need them all nodding along, leaning into what you’re saying, so they’re open to the next step- the demo, the estimate…the contract.

You also need to understand your success if often influenced by stakeholders outside of the buying committee. So make sure you give them the tools and resources they need, that they understand the value you’re bringing, to effectively tell your story.

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