If there's no ROI, there's no reason to do it.

You’re in business for many reasons. Making money is probably one of them. And you understand you’ll need to spend some money to make some.

The thing about about it though, is you want to get something for it. That’s especially true for your marketing dollars. Why spend money on a campaign, a promotion, on digital ads if you’re not getting something in return?

If the prospects and consumers you’re targeting aren’t engaging with you and buying your stuff, then your marketing’s not performing. And you’re wasting money.

Work with an agency that understands that. That understands the business side of what you do, how your P&L works, what your brands stands for, the goals you have, and importantly, the consumers you want. And has the ability to tie it all together.

Oh, and make sure you like them. Because you’re not hiring a firm, you’re hiring the people.


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